How to notice broken or damaged shock absorber.

Hello and welcome to learn. That the that the whole weekend check and note this. If our cars joke ups or better. Dan meets or there are some. Something leaks. And hope the whole weekend tick that. And in that that the third the corolla car. We need to go. That. Upper arena because. They’re rich this. Shock absorber. Look a sin is in there and it’s cool to first lift. Caught up. That weekend look better in that. Upper Iraq. Okay and. And I leave that car. Firstly. Little fix up. No unnoticed because. When I left. A. Okay hello went his priorities. Up on the ground. We can go to look these. Upper Urrea explicitly in that. And I take a closer view. Okay a little we have the closer you. Of this joke. Absorber and the healers to sprint tighter and when will this.

Took up server. Sue spin weekend right away seed to dominates in peace. Joke first. If you can. See that’s cut over oil. It is but seeing no because then visit joke is leaking oil ghost is it took in such area is full of press wrecked. Chris threat or a list and then second point is that. But NPR weekend see old socialist. Full leak in that arena. And this year joke is that meets. This oil comes I think that. In in. In peace be stone. See you are at this is based on this metallic button and then visits. This is curry already.

Seals theorist this weekend and also the said. The. Outside. Converter Robert. See you. Sealy said broken. Honda and use this means that we need to chains. This will Shock Absorber This is the front around. And that we need to take these. Cool. Through spring system away. And that. Visit. This league is also but. Car is not. Not so. Sick cooler and a safe to drive and we need to. Changed his.

Cool system. Okay. This was the evil Mason patrol you could check that. That is this. That meets and of course. We need to rule because what what. What these the. Okay on or not dominates. Chalk up server and we go to look in butter side because there is. There is a fine joke observer and let’s look that. The next. Oh okay and next we are looking at these. This okay joke absorber and that’s what we. Because see right the way this is. But be clean there is no in the oily. Pots and. And when we take this offer of Iraq. It is the. It is the. This group Robert. It is.

It’s okay it is not broken down. Then one of the little kids that are at their recent flow in the. And the. Oily leaks. And I think that they are a. And explicitly. Pat Bolan. Says that if you need to hear any oil leaks. Then there’s problems. Again this is his business. Why quote. An opiate joke absorber and his. Scores green suit. And and you don’t need to taste better because of. Because. Okay N. this posting for my son how you cut. How you can notice. If you’re. If your job observer and his bandmates and various leaks. Okay thank you all for what watching.

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