How to start a car after the repair of engines.

This method is designed for two people, where one turns, the other by inserting a finger into the spark plug hole, must hear the exhaust. Once the exhaust has occurred, immediately stop and look at the label, we perform this operation firstly on the first cylinder. If the marks on the crankshaft and camshaft not match, we performed also with the fourth cylinder. If the labels match, exhibit they exactly returned the crankshaft a little back and then forward.

Set distributor of ignition to the slider and touch on the cover of the distributor of ignition coincided number with the cylinder, where we had an exhaust. This distributor must have a sufficient speed, to adjust the early and late ignition.

Mainly on the car ignition distributor gets to the offset groove, while it is impossible to put the distributor in another way.

Take the pre-cooked bulb and connected a wire to the circuit breaker, and the other throw on the weight. By turning the valve find when light passes from a state where it does not glow in the state when it is lit up.
Now tighten, but not too much, so that it can be scroll, distributor of ignition and try to start.

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