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2010 Nissan Maxima – my car Review

Learn the fact you probably don’t know. The Nissan Maxima it’s been around since 1976. Okay, was called the Datsun 810 back then. With the 2010 Nissan maxima is a direct descendant of the 19 seventies. But there’s nothing retro. About the 2000 and Nissan maxima. Stylish. With various. Nissan calls it a 4 door sports car. Legally redesigned in 2009. The 2010 maxima is a good looking stylish and fun to drive a car. Many nice touches are available including 19 inch aluminum wheels. Palace shifters behind the steering wheel. Spacious trunk of quality materials throughout. Immediately noticed the power of this car. The 3.5 liter V6 engine generates Turner 90 horsepower to get you for. Here. They’re much faster than you might expect why you give more horsepower in the Max fuel economy lags many of its direct the 6. In Petters including Toyota Camry Honda accord.

nissan maximaThe Maxima gets 19 MPG in the city and 26 on the highway for a combined average 22 MPG we averaged 23.5 MPG in a mix of city and highway driving and we’re actually surprised to fuel economy was that good because the performers this car actually encourage more aggressive driving. There are some nice touches in this car. Leather wrapped steering wheel and seats and audio navigation system that is easy to use. Soft touch materials and very few hard plastics. Driver you also get the benefit of a heated. And cooled front seat. Now be nice. The passenger had that they only get heated seat but you know what that’s a luxury to have to live without. We’re big fans of the dual murdering.

The all glass roof let’s and plenty of life gives everyone in the car a clear view of the skies above the maximum also has a larger trunk than the Honda accord Acura TL effects nearly the same size as the trunk on a Toyota Avalon. That large trunk makes this rear space a little bit smaller than you might like. You know what still pretty nice you get this nice arm rest climate controls and good Nissan Maxima aftermarket headlights. A couple a Cup holders. So here’s the biggest issue with the 2000 and maximum. The price. If you buy the Basil maxima your this car about $31000 not bad but if you buy the 3.5 SV. The premium package like we’re driving right here. Here to discuss $39000. For that kind of money you can get into an Infiniti G 37 sport that’s Nissan’s luxury brand and we like that vehicle quite a bit.

If driving a premium brands are you that you should take a close look at Infiniti Acura Lexus and others don’t discount. The plus side the maxims a lot more fun to drive the many mid size sedans like interior features we really like tech features. And we’re big fans of that cylinder real downside to the maximum comes down to price. You may find cars. Similar price range from other makers like Lexus and Acura Infiniti and even Nissan. They’re pretty compelling but if you like the styling if you like the tech features if you like the luxury interior. Take this car for test drive we think you’ll be very happy.

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